Services and Abilities

It is very difficult to list every offering the Advisist Group has available. We are not saying, we can do everything. We are realizing that as the list of things we are knowledgeable about is long. In the past three decades of working in professional audio, video, and lighting we have had many roles. Bradford, our leader, has been a student, a teacher, an operator, a technical manager, a specifier, a designer, a fabricator and an installer. He has done these roles in various guises. He has worked for integration firms, He has worked for manufacturers, and he just finished work as a technical manager. This history is what we are drawing on as our company moves forward.

Not only can the team draw upon its own personal experience, the team has a wide network of partners who are able to provide services that Advisist cannot. Below are just a few of the items that are available. We do not provide “package” programs as each client is different and has their own needs. We also base our pricing and estimates, not on time but on the value of the service. It is similar to being commissioned to write an article. The article is worth a set amount. It does not matter if it takes three hours or three days to write. That is the value the parties agreed to for the article.

To start the conversation we have listed some of the services we offer. We are expanding and developing the list please reach out to us with any questions.

Acceptance Testing

Verifying that a system or groups of systems are performing properly is an important task for all parties involved in a project. These tests can include fabrication acceptance, site acceptance, and performance verification.

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One-way manufacturers can tackle this problem is with a compelling advertorial written for industry publications or catalogs. One often gains more product understanding from an advertorial as it provides elements far beyond spec or cut sheet descriptions

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Application Evaluation

Products are designed to solve a particular challenge for customers. Quite often the product can do more than the original intent. Advisist can help understand these changes.

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Education & Training

One can tell coworkers how to do something and it will be ignored, but if an outside person tells them, it will be taken be retained. Staying up to date on the latest technologies is a challenge.

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Facility Impact

Audio, Video, and Control systems are not completely independent, they need to interact with many things. No only do these systems need to work with the major systems in the building, such as telephone, building management, and Internet. The systems must interact and work within the facility itself.

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Staff Extension

Given the changes in the world, staffing has become a challenge. Often there is too much to do and not enough time in which to do it. Advisist is ready to lend a hand when needed; whether for two hours or two months. We can serve as a short-term labor enhancement, allowing you to accomplish more in less time.

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Technical Briefs

Advisist’s team has been explaining technology for years. These briefs explain how a new product or technology can solve problems while accelerating the adoption cycle.

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White Papers

The ability to share detailed information about products or concepts is important. This information does not simply mean talking about the unique selling points of the product, it is explaining the ways in which the product can address issues can directly impact the customer. A white paper is a great tool to convey concepts that are important to understanding the solutions offered.

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