During the COVID pandemic, the professional audio world, as well as much of the rest of the world was bleak. Bradford decided it was time to start his own consultancy. It was something he had been wanting to do for a while, but there were always reasons not to. There would never be a good time to launch a new project. Bradford decided it was time, well actually being a fan of space exploration November 13, 2020 at 13:13 Eastern Standard Time was the time to launch. (See Apollo 13 for reference.)

This page contains brief biographies of the team . We have also posted our Business Beliefs in how we are going to run this business. Please feel free to reach out and get in touch with us.

Bradford Benn with a picture of a doll's head in front of his face
This may or may not be Bradford

Bradford Benn

Bradford Benn has been involved in Audio, Video, Control, and Lighting design and installation for over 25 years. His comprehensive range of projects stretches from conference rooms to stadiums and from hockey arenas to theme parks. Bradford’s roles in the industry have included integrator, manufacturer, and now end-user or owner’s representative. He was responsible for the Theme Park vertical market while employed by Harman Professional Systems.

After leaving Harman, Bradford joined Universal Creative as a Manger for Audio, Video, Lighting, and Projection to design the future of fun and next generation experiences. This was a return to his roots; while working as an integrator he designed the audio video systems for multiple large scale attractions and campuses.

During his long career Bradford has architected the digital audio network infrastructures for multiple stadiums and campuses. He also developed new products at Harman as well as finding new ways to use existing technologies.

In his spare time, Bradford continues in his role of Finance Director for AVNation.tv. He writes blogs and articles for various trade magazines sharing his personal opinions and experiences with the industry. He also enjoys photography and has had work appear in multiple magazines.

The Researcher

The Researcher is very much an enigma that very little is known about in reality. They have been compared to Top Gear’s Stig, music’s Daft Punk or Vicar. Perhaps not since Mark Felt’s admitting he was Watergate’s Deep Throat has someone’s identity held so much mystery.

Some say that The Researcher delivers their information only on nights that there is no moon visible in the night sky. Others say The Researcher’s mental powers are such that they don’t actually send emails, they just magically appear as a new e-mail.

All that we know is that The Researcher is perhaps the only person who can not only contain Bradford but also control him.