As the world continues to move forward, things change. One of the things Advisist is doing is writing at least one piece a week. Many of these will be thought pieces. Some will be lighter fare. Hopefully all will entertain. Our goal is to share, please feel free to comment back and engage in conversation.

Title Card for Episode Four a talk with Matt Scott

Project Bradford Episode 006
Rise of Skywalker

The AVNation team was talking about movies. We were discussing movies that we did not feel lived up to their billing and hype. Rise of Skywalker immediately came up. There are spoilers in this episode. If you haven’t seen The Mandalorian Season 2 or The Rise of Skywalker you may want to skip this episode until you do. We feel we have waited long enough for everyone who wants to see the items, has seen the items.

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Project Bradford Episode 002
Interview with Caroline Montague

Bradford Benn sat down for a talk with architect Caroline Montague in February. They talked about a wide range of topics ranging from architectural processes to how AV is used at her firm. The talk also included topics such as how AV can work with architects more efficiently to how to get underrepresented people involved.

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