Donate Bradford Benn’s Money

Bradford made a business decision to change the marketing plan for Advisist. Most of the marketing budget was planned to be spent on promotional items, “swag”. He decided to “cancel all swag for the year” and donate the money to the AVIXA Women’s Council fundraising project benefiting Rosie Riveters and promoting STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) and specifically Audio Video for girls. Advisist fully funded their project.

Yes, this is still a marketing and brand awareness opportunity. Advisist is the Title Sponsor for the project which means it is included in their material. But as said before, it is not about the monetary ROI (Return on Investment). It is about bringing more girls into STEM. The sponsorship can result in no new opportunities to Advisist and it would be a success. Our goal is truly to increase women in STEM fields.

We have been talking with Jennifer Goodyer, CTS and Erica Carroll, CSM as the project leaders quite a bit. They are continuing to fundraise to expand the project’s impact. During an interview with AVNation ( Tim Albright spoke about raising the goal. That is where this idea came from. And yes, Bradford is humbled by the impact and the kind words of many people.

When the AVIXA Women’s Council crosses US$30,000 before July 1, 2022, Bradford will personally donate an additional 50% of the Advisist donation. There is an additional condition, at least 20% of the total amount raised in June must come from individuals. (He is trusting that people are not just donating a company’s money.)

Basically, this challenge is a twist on the game show “Win Ben Stein’s Money.” The big change is that the girls are the winners.

You can donate here:

Help us spend our boss’s money, please.