Like any complex system, audio video systems require adjustments when first installed. This situation is normal and why time needs to be allotted for systems to be tested and configured to address any installation issues. Often during the configuration and commissioning process, one will find deficiencies and discrepancies. These situations can cause disagreements to arise. It is quite easy for end-users and integrators to have differing opinions as to the performance and operation of the system. Quite often having an impartial third party can help diffuse the situation and work toward solutions. Before conflicts arise, all stakeholders should consider having an impartial third party available to commission their systems.  

This third-party verification protects all the parties involved. Independent verification of a systems’ performance as well as creating a punch list provides information to both ownership, technology managers, consultants, and integration firms. This type of service goes beyond Site Acceptance Testing and can include things such as fine-tuning control interfaces between systems and configuring the control system to ensure it meets the needs for the end-user. The process also includes preparing the audio and video systems for use by making adjustments to maximize their performance in the space. 

A thorough commissioning phase increases the rate of success once the project open. It allows for verification that the entire project works well together as a system not just the equipment. Contact us to learn how Advisist can help verify system performance and configuration to get the most from your AV system. 

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