Bid Preparation

Creating bid documents can be an overwhelming process for both integrators and stakeholders. The documentation process indicating the project needs and intent is not as simple as saying, “Install video teleconference system and make it easy to use and sound good.” For the proposal bidders, it is not as simple as saying, “Yes, we can do that.” Clearly defining what is considered success is important. Documenting the deliverables and process expectations is a key portion of this process. 

That is where Advisist Group comes in as a third-party reviewer, we will review the bid documents thoroughly before the bid is released or submitted. We review the full package for completeness of the documentation, provide questions for clarification, suggest additional details to be included in the tender documents, or even just making sure that what is being asked for is possible. The documentation will also be studied for unintended consequences. For instance, does requiring a project manager to attend a four-hour weekly meeting for four years make practical sense? Is the additional cost worth the value? These are all elements that should be reviewed in depth as part of the bid process. 

Advisist has the skills to evaluate bid submittals for ownership or stakeholders to ensure reasonable approaches and appropriate equipment are being put forth. We also evaluate the cost of ownership of part of this process. Working with the bidder, we can provide the same insight as well as expand the review to consider opportunities for leverage buying power. The study does not just look at the cost of the equipment but the overall cost of the installed system. Ethics, reputation, and the avoidance of conflicts of interest are key principles for Advisist, and we will not work on both sides of a project in this process. 

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