Design Review

Reviewing projects is more than checking drawings or doing a cost evaluation. There are a great number of additional things to consider. 

  1. Will all of the items fit in the space allotted?
  2. Will there be sufficient access to service the equipment?
  3. Is the building’s systems able to support the system as designed?
  4. Does the documentation meet the scope of work?

Advisist can conduct a peer review of designs to assess your work before being submitted to spot small problems before they become bigger issues. For end users and technical managers, it allows some one else to be the “bad guy” while reviewing drawings and submittals. For other parties it allows for putting your best foot forward. This type of peer review can alleviate some of the political challenges projects sometimes face. Often reviews help improve performance and verify that standards have been met, and that the quality of work is aligned with the client’s expectations. Think of it as having the project work graded before submitting it to the “teacher” so that one has the chance to correct errors. Peer reviews can be used for design submittals, fabrication, installation, and for commissioning anything that a neutral set of eyes should be looking over.  

The Advisist team has helped many companies over the years hone their skills with respect to following different standards and practices to meet the client’s needs. Ultimately the same approach is taken for each design review. By asking the following, questions with a fresh perspective Advisist can conduct a thorough to mitigate project challenges:  

  1. What is the expectation?
  2. Is there a checklist for guidance?
  3. Are there any standards to be enforced?  
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