Conceptual Solutions

It is one thing to say “if you build it, they will come,” and it’s another to know if it will function correctly once built. You start with a clean sheet of paper and an open mind to all the possibilities. With conceptual designs it’s not about mapping out how a project is going to get accomplished, but rather if it can be accomplished. It is not important to define the technology at the start of a project. Defining the goal of the project is important in the conceptual design process. This process includes defining what the guests or end users will experience, and then defining the story. After that, we can begin thinking of the technology that can support the projects objectives. 

During the conceptual designing phase, not every item will be defined, it is the intent to outline the approach, tools, and methods that would allow the project to achieve its objectives. For instance, while looking at concepts, it is not important to know if a video server is from Brand A or Brand B; it is important to know that the video server can perform then needed tasks to meet the objectives.  

Advisist can help determine if a concept is valid, and that the equipment specified can function as needed to support the systems objectives.  

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