The AV Industry is a melding of art, science, and business. It is not always obvious how these elements work together. There is an industry saying, “if you have a discussion with three technical people, you will end up with five answers or opinions.” Some of these opinions are based on experience, some are personal feelings, and some are just instinct. In creating commentary Advisist can distill these complex ideas down to manageable thoughts. The creation of a coherent comparison of contrasting ideas is an effective way to provide insight. 

Commentaries are often pieces written to allow the reader to form their own opinions. These documents can also be crafted to express the preferred opinion or the writer’s opinion as well. The process is not just sitting down and having a stream of thought, the Advisist team works together to provide a compelling story while also crafting a reasonable conclusion or opinion. Below are some examples of commentaries written by Bradford Benn for AVNation. Contact us if you’d like to create content for you. 


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